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Hey, I got this book…


I am sooo happyyyy.  My girls they are so prettyyyyyy :iconhakanplz:  It's like I got a trifecta of my favorite Japanese artists!  If these books had Obata, Inoue, and Ikegami involved then my head would have exploded rainbows and happiness!

Mini-Review time!

Viva Il Ciclissimo:  First off, it's two slick books put together.  TONS of illustrations and designs in each.  One is a hardcover that seems to detail the two artists trip to Italy for the major bike race and illustrations and sketches about what they saw and also crazy ass designs for bikes and helmets and shoes and what have you.  It's split where each artist has like half of the book to show their art and also the pictures they took that insipred alot of their art.  The second book is a softcover that has more than just Terada and Otomo commenting on bikes and racing and fitness or something.  It seems Otomo, Terada, and Hiroyuki Kitakubo(A guy I never heard of but he directed or has been involved in alot of great anime) have a biking club called Club Pantani.  They also have other artists that are in cycling clubs writing what I assume are their thoughts on biking along with Club Pantani.  Also with each entry is a sketch or illo, painting, or whacky design by the artist commenting.  All these things are fucking awesome.  Oh and I got the tote bag too but I gave it too my sister.  Rad designs on that though.  All-in-all, I'm going to be eyeballing this set for a long time!  So many awesome ideas!  Tons of art along with lots of text I can't read! I wish people scanslated all the shit I like.

Master Art Work Metal Gear Solid 4: OK.  I'm a hardcore Yoji Shinkawa fan and this book is looooooaaaaded to the girls with his art.  I'm not sure if he did every piece of art in this book, some of it looks like it could be an artist mimicking his style for some of the color design sheets but I think it might just be him using the simpler style he uses when he fully colors his stuff.  But this book has it all!  Blows the MGS2 artbook out of the water!  We get his super inky B&W stuff, his color stuff, his epic illos, his sketches!  Even pencils designs!  We get the final designs for characters, several earlier designs for almost all the characters, designs for characters that didn't make it in the game.  Raiden had some sick previous designs, they put alot of thought into him.  Drebin too, especially this bushy beard/afro one.  We get some some storyboards(not a whole lot but they look cool), we get Shinkawa's always amazing mechanical designs and interior background drawings.  We get about little over 180 pages cramed with images and those little author comments I can't read, heh.  Also there is an interview with Shinkawa at the end of the book but unlike the MGS2 book, it's not in english. :C  I will cherish this book and study it!

/end mini-rambling review

I wonder if I were to find some kind japanese reader with these, they might be some gracious to provide the juicy insight from these books to use all...
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strayheadache Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2010
whoooa those books look sick!

ps: you should ttly post these on suicide wolf, quite useful!
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